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Miller Trucking and Excavation
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Brothers Bill and Herb Miller started a basement digging company in 1947. With just two trucks and an endloader, they were hired as subcontractors throughout subdivisions in East Moline, Illinois. In just five short years, their business had grown and their fleet included four trucks, a second endloader and an impressive collection of heavy equipment for that time.

In 1968, the second generation of Millers took over the business. Brothers Jeral and Joel worked together and continued to expand business operations. By 1975, Jeral was the sole owner. Busy with work and with raising their three sons, Jeral and Carol Miller were devoted to running the family business.

The couple’s oldest son, Jarrod, started with the company in 1985 and Justin followed four years later. Their brother, Jason, has business endeavors outside of the family business.

Today, the business is more focused on commercial, municipal and industrial projects, with an emphasis on environmental impact. Jarrod and Justin run Miller Trucking and Excavating, while their father takes a less active role in the daily operations.


"Each generation has left its mark. The work my sons are doing now, and the recycling of waste concrete and asphalt, are things my father could have never dreamed. We’ve come a long way from digging basements with an end loader and two work trucks.”  

Second generation of Miller Trucking and Excavating